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ADDO Tours specializes in South Africa tours and holidays. We provide and guarantee a complete travel service encompassing holiday planning, transport, transfers to/from airports, guides, accommodation, relaxation as well as outdoor activities and much more. Our range of holiday offers includes a number of prepackaged tours but we stand prepared to design an individualized (forfait-type) holiday package in compliance with all your wishes.

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The Republic of South Africa is a marvelous country: the summer season begins in mid-October and extends until mid-March, the azure sea glistens, and you'll be within easy reach of the wilderness beyond.
Get a taste of this unique country's local gastronomy and excellent wines.
It's been said at one time: „South Africa is a World in One Country“—join us on a trip to this country to see for yourselves!

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  • We offer you accommodation in RSA on our own farms and in recreation homes
  • We know Africa and the Republic of South Africa better than others
  • You can rely on us to deliver
  • Our priorities are comfort and safety, flexibility and wide choice
  • We value highly your time and your money
  • All our holiday packages and tours are intended for small groups;
    and you can rely on our guides to give you their individualized care.